Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bamboo Wood Soap Dish

Check out my new soap dishes. I am very proud of the fact that I was able to recycle leftover bamboo flooring that would have otherwise been sent to the land fill. You can find them on all of my websites. of or I don't think I have figures out how to make a link, if anyone ready this would like to let me know how, I would appreciate it.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Snail - Friend or Foe

Picked this little fellow up July lst in Langley, B.C. I thought the shell would look nice in my garden shell collection. Hubby packed in his pocket until we got back to our sons house. The shell made the trip back to Merritt, B. C. in a plastic bag of scrap booking paper (I didn't want to break it). I put it in my garden with the other shells, looked great. The next morning it was gone. Did my cats find it, No it had crawled under the rock. ITS ALIVE. Now my question is "Is this cute little shell going to harm my garden?"
Help anyone

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Where Did Spring Go

I don't think I did anything wrong to deserve
this. Just last week I was out in my sandles
looking for my tulips. I guess now I can go
onto the next projects POTHOLDERS.
I will need to restock my four venues with a pair each of my seven colors.
How many strips will that be?
Last weeks answer was 1456 (I think)

A note for my few followers, Last week thre
was cute little pictures of you and I did
something wrong and now I just have your
names. I don't know if its possible but
maybe if you can put them back on I could
link back to you guys.
Well enough of this, I have to get back to
work. Between the snow and the fact that
one of my grandchildren just moved across
the province today I should be able to get lots done.

Another little observation I have noticed. You've all heard of the famous "All Bran Buds",
just what? The second ingredient in them is, you guessed it, Sugar. That stuff is everywhere,
that must be shy we're all sweeties.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Just Starting

Well here goes,
I just finished restocking all my log cabin coasters.
13 different 1 1/4 strips for one coaster
4 coasters in a set
7 sets in different colors
4 different outlets (2 consignment stores)
How many strips is that anyway

Did you know that some brands of table salt actually have sugar in them